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"The Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to the area, as well as local businesses!  Their networking has helped us reach new customers, offers us opportunities to grow our business, and promote our area as a whole.  We recently opened a new Wine Tasting room at our brewery, and the Chamber partnered with City of Little Falls officials, as well as others to hold a ribbon cutting and press release.  This event was very well attended, and has helped us promote our new venture to a whole new audience.  We are currently working on another project with the Chamber, which we are confident will help ourselves as well as other businesses in our County.  I would encourage all Herkimer County businesses to join the Chamber to help us create a stronger business environment.  Success comes from working together!"

  • Mike George, ROCK VALLEY BREWING CO., Little Falls, NY


"The chamber has helped to keep me connected to the rest of the county. Being at the furthermost side of the county, I still feel very much a part of the bigger picture. The ladies are fantastic and really care about the area. As intimidating as a chamber of commerce could sound or be; they have proven time and time again they’re about big business AND small. Very happy to be a part of Herkimer County."

  • Tiffany Rutkowski, Creative Designs by Tiffany, Dolgeville, NY